Selection of Favorite Music Genre for a Great Songs

An Introduction of Major Music Category

People might have different taste in music. Even twins have a different style of music. Understand a music as universal language might help you to bring a peace in your life. There are hundreds to thousands of music genre in this world. Among that various categories, this article only reviews a few of them as a major category selected as favorite choice.

1. Rock Music

This is the oldest music genre in the world. Some people say even the primitive understand the rock music. In this genre, there are some subcategories listed in music blog, like alternative, pop rock, and metal. In the year of 70’s and 80’s, there are so many famous bands in this genre. Nirvana, Pink Floyd, and Opeth are a good example to choose. They become a role model in the rock music industries

2. R&B (Rhythm and Blues)

The R&B genre has widely spread in the year of 50’s to 60’s, especially in African American music. With the energetic rhythm, the song has brought a significant effect for the audience to sing and dance. Overall songs made by assemble of guitars, saxophone, and vocalist.

3. Electronic Dance Music (EDM)

It is the favorite genre in music blog, especially plays in nightclubs and festivals. Disc Jockey (DJ) playsan important role in creating the music. We can hear these songs on the school party or in the New Year Eve festivals. Started in the period of 80’s and early 90’s this music has spread out in the USA and Europe for a teenager and young people. The subgenre of Disco, Synth-Pop, and Hip-Hop are included in this EDM category.

4. Country

The last category is a Country music which is originally come from Southern US in 1920. It is influenced by folk music and blues. It combines the dance tunes, guitars strings, and ballads. This music usually utilizes banjo, guitars, fiddles, and harmonica. The performance sometimes shows the country dance too. The 2000 country songs generation performed by famous singers like Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, and Florida Georgia. Bro-Country in 2010 become the next generation of country music that brings a new color to this genre.

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